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Norton Anti-Virus


Norton Anti-Virus

The Internet is a curious place with hidden dangers - but no need to worry! With the right protection, you can explore knowing you're safe.

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Norton Passport acts as a notebook for field notes on "internet exploration." It allows users to examine their browsing habits and see what kinds of things they do when they go online and explore.



Users can create accounts or login with social media to start a personal exploration log. It shows the number of cataloged threats blocked during the browsing session as well as a "path" of exploration based on a theoretical map of the Internet


Path of Exploration

Users can examine their "path" on the internet to see the different parts of the web that they reach. They can also see statistics of other data points during their browsing.


Explorer Types

Certain browsing habits get categorized as types of explorers. These are things based on data like visiting different websites in other countries, duration of time spent browsing, types of websites visited, and number of clicks. 



Users can share moments of their journey as well as their explorer type on social media.

With Dennis Chen (Copywriter)